Bin There, Bought That! Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

[Bin There, Bought That, is a segment on the WGL where we go hunting for games that may have been overlooked in their initial release and deserve a second chance.  With the number of games are coming out it is hard to catch them all, and even harder to fork out the cash on a tight budget.  So we at the WGL are treasure hunting for old current gen games and will see how they stand up to recent releases. If you have any suggestions for a Bin There Bough That game, please tell us in the comments]

When a game is released timing is everything.  Usually many publishers try and get games out for the holiday season.  In October 2010 there were a ton of big name releases like Fallout: New Vegas, Medal of Honor, and Fable III.

Snuck in the season, was the new IP Enslaved Odyssey to the West.  It boasted an engaging narrative and was Ninja Theories next game after the failure of Heavenly Sword.  The game received pretty good review scores, netting a Metacritic Score of 82%.  Unfortunately the hype for the game never came to fruition and the game disappeared into obscurity.   Until today.

This week we are looking at quite possibly one of the best games to fall into obscurity, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.    Hit the jump to see if this journey is worth a second chance

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Let the Tournament BEGIN!!!

Hear ye, hear ye!  This Friday the WGL will be hosting its first tournament!  The first games to be played are Halo Reach for Xbox 360, Call of Duty: Black Ops for Playstation 3,  and Starcraft 2 for PC!!! The tournament begins at 7:00 p.m!  Hit the jump for more information.

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Skyrim Racial Abilities and Perks Leaked

You know what would be awesome? "The Elder Scrolls: Oregon Trail".

Lets be honest: everyone is clutching their crotches in anticipation for the next Elder Scrolls game. Well, it’s time to clutch a bit harder, because the new Racial abilities and Perk Trees have been leaked to the internet! These perks seem a bit less… entertaining than the ones found in the Fallout games, but they still look like tons of fun. Hit the jump to see the list. Continue reading

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Introductions: Rhanden Lind

   Hello, and let me personally welcome you once again to the Wyoming Gaming League! To help you get acquainted with the people who work here, let me continue the introductions to the people who work here. Hit the jump to Discover more about the enigmatic and mysterious co-founder of The WGL, Rhanden Lind.

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Welcome to the Wyoming Gaming League!

Well it exists, the Wyoming Gaming League, a place where Wyomingite gamers can meet up, talk, and play video games! Great Huh? Gamers from around Wyoming and grew up in Wyoming are encouraged to join in on the conversation, and swap information to create a new online league.  We will soon be hosting tournaments online, where people from Wyoming can enter their information and get ready to play!  The most important part of this site will be you the gamer, we need you to start sharing information about the site so that Wyoming Gaming League may grow. So please check back soon, and get ready to play!

For this first post will introduce Daniel Erusha co-founder of the WGL. click on the jump at the bottom of this post for more information about Dan. See you online!

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